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Fur coats, fur jackets, shearlings coats and sheepskin jackets, fur trimmed coats and lots of fur accessories are an important spectrum of "must have" for the chic woman this season. Do not neglect the man in your life - world designers
are creating the coolest, hip furs for men and shearlings for both him and her.

Pre-owned Collections

When shopping for vintage furs or pre-owned furs, there is no better place to shop than right here at Estate Furs. We offer quality professionally apparaised used furs directly from trusted vintage fur dealers. Whether you are looking for a great deal on used mink coats or any other second hand fur for that matter, you will find it listed in our vintage fur directory.

Shop online or at a store near you for our legendary products, services and value.

New Collection

We shop the world to bring the most comprehensive selection of luxury outerwear and distinctive apparel. Fur is a most fashionable and functional element you must have in your wardrobe. The looks of today’s designers are versatile and intended to be both beautiful and practical. Browse our Fur Fashion Guide to view a wide selection of fur coats, visit

Our designers produce handcrafted garments, using the finest manufacturing methods available, and selecting the most lustrous and supple pelts. Allow us to make the purchase of your next fur a very enjoyable and easy experience.

Our dealer near you will tend to your every need, guarantee the quality and fit of your purchase, availing all necessary alterations and care services.

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We look forward to helping you find the coat of your dreams.
The following is a list of products and services:

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  • fur coats
  • fur jackets
  • fur hats
  • fur muffs
  • fur capes
  • fur vests
  • fur trims
  • fox coats
  • fox jackets
  • fox furs

  • lynx coats
  • mink coats
  • mink furs
  • mink fur jackets
  • sheared mink coats
  • sable fur coats
  • beaver coats
  • sheared
  • beaver coats
  • rabbit coats

  • alta moda
  • Glamour
  • Vincenza

  • fur fashion
  • designer furs
  • used furs

    The following are just a few of our services:

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