Monthly Archives: November 2015

Ski Jackets are the Fashion Luxury of Winter

A good ski jacket or parka has always been the go-to garment when the temperature drops. Often associated with those who hit the slopes at the first sign of frost, these body-covering pieces are some of the warmest and strongest out there. Whether you are into extreme winter sports or not, you definitely want to […]

Anyone can own a Shearling Garment!

Recently, there has been a fashion callback to the 1970s. This was a time of large buttons, military style-coats, and (of course) shearling leather jackets. Now that these trends have reemerged, you may be wondering where to get these sought-after garments. While any old store can provide you with these looks, the only way to […]

The Many Styles of the Leather Garment

Everyone knows that leather garments are some of the most versatile pieces out there. They are warm, durable, and can be used in a plethora of different styles while lasting for generations with the proper care. However, gone are the days of the simple and standard black leather jacket. All over the country, people are […]

Stripes in the Fall?

There has been an interesting trend springing up all over the globe this fall…normally, you’d associate the autumn with color blocking of browns, reds, and even some of the “new” fall colors such as olive. You’d see furry accessories such as classic scarves or shawls and leather purses. However, this fall, the stripe is back […]

Cowboy Jacket

How to Get That Rugged Rancher Look

Everybody wants to look amazing. Whether it be by wearing a tough leather jacket or through wearing his best suit, guys always want to look their best. Despite the stereotypes, there are hundreds of different styles for men out there. Some men take their fashion in a different direction than the norm, going for the […]

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