The Magic of the Leather Coat

Just picture it- A motorcycle roars down the street, zipping past cars and roaring through the city. The driver stops and gets off their bike, rocking their hot leather jacket and sexy leather boots. Now, picture yourself as this rider. THAT’s the feeling you get when you wear one of the many stylish leather coats for women from Estate Furs.

Stylish Leather Jacket

A leather jacket can make you look sexy and stylish

The many styles of leather coats women wear throughout the year are the perfect blend of comfort and fashion. In fact, it is believed that a leather jacket or coat is the most flexible type of garment for fashionistas. In the words of the Huffington Post-

They [leather coats] also come in many styles to suit your personality: bomber, hooded, motorcycle, two-tone and in various leathers. Wear one to the office, wear one when you’re on a date, wear one out for brunch, heck, wear one over a gown and you’re set to go.

In addition to the style a leather coat offers, these types of garments boast warmth in the chilly months. In the brisk days of autumn, a Moto Jacket or a plain leather coat can keep you cozy. While these types of jacket won’t do much during the freezing days of winter, they can be worn under a vest or stole for maximum warmth and style!

Stunning Leather Jacket

If you really want a leather coat that will keep you warm in the winter, then you many want to turn your attention to a hybrid jacket of shearling and leather. A bomber jacket is the most recognizable form of shearling leather coat, but there are several more types of leather coats women can buy that feature a shearling lining. A hooded leather coat may also be the way to go if you are looking for more warmth in your leather.

These fashionable leather coats are only a few clicks away! Visit or call your leading fur and leather retailers, Estate Furs and Day Furs (located in Carmel, Indiana), to make these warm fashions your today!

(Quote and pictures by Huffington Post Canada)

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