Fur Boots in style

Accessorizing Your Wardrobe with Fur

Fur Boots in style

Have you ever been faced with the age-old fashion crises – what kind of earrings can I pair with my leather fur jacket? How can I match a purse with this mink coat? What can I add as an exclamation point to my outfit? Luckily for you, there is currently a trend that can solve these crises. Stylecaster.com, (a website that devotes itself to bringing readers the latest fashions) has noticed that during the recent influx within the fur industry, designers have turned to making fur accessories-

…It’s not only outerwear that’s taking on the trend—the street style set is also accessorizing in furry extras now.

From ear muffs, mittens and scarves, to bright, fluffy fur key chains, this look is refreshingly practical for the plummeting January temperatures and looks pretty damn incredible too.

Fur Hat

Fur accessories can offer warmth while also bringing an outfit together!

When you’re looking at fur coats for sale, consider accessorizing it with a set of matching fur earmuffs or a matching fur scarf. There are endless possibilities when you accessorize with fur! A beautiful fur hat can give off a Russian vogue aesthetic, for example. A pair of fur gloves can keep your hands toasty warm in the cold winter days while also bringing together your outfit. If completely covered fur gloves aren’t your style, a set of gloves with a gorgeous fur accent can be the perfect exclamation point on your fashion statement.

The best part about fur accessories is that, unlike that leather fur jacket, they can be worn almost any time of the year! Fur boots can be paired with leggings in the summer, fur scarves are great in the blustery nights of early spring, and a fur purse can be matched with just about any outfit. It is extremely easy for people to get their hands on these hot fur accessories-

A huge number of high end designers (including Céline, Altuzarra, Fendi, and Roksanda Illincic), and fast-fashion favorites (like ASOS and H&M) are embracing the fur look…ensuring every fashion girl can get her hand on (and in!) the trend.

Fur Purse

A fur purse can be matched with almost any outfit all year round!

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(Quotes by Stylecaster.com. Pictures from Trendseve, Pinterest, and Fashionizing.com)

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