Buying Pre-owned is both a Statment and an Investment

Fashion is always changing. Each year, designers roll out their new lines of fur and leather clothing and accessories, almost as if clockwork. These lines feature garments that are usually completely different than in years prior, calling out for fashionistas to flock to the store and buy them. It doesn’t have to be hard to stay ahead in the world of fashion while on a budget. Several retailers now offer pre-owned furs and leather garments at only a fraction of the price., a premiere fashion website, agrees that pre-owned and pre-loved fur is the way to go-

“This philosophy [of buying secondhand] is especially useful during the start of each new season, when off-the-runway trends start to trickle down to retailers and we’re tempted to splurge on things we know are fashion-approved.”

Purchasing a second hand item can significantly reduce your investment in a garment. Despite what some may think, it is possible to look stylish with a pre-owned garment. Fashion trends can be a circle, as designers are always looking to the past to inspire future ideas. Just recently, there has been a trend of 70’s inspired garments showing up on the runway. While some may be tempted to run out and buy one of these new garments, why not try and find piece that was actually worn in the 70’s? This will give you a truly retro look, while also saving you tons of money.

Moto Jacket

Moto Jackets are in this year!

There are also some styles that just never go out of fashion no matter what generation you’re in. For example, the moto jacket has been around since the invention of the motorcycle some odd years ago. Over the next few decades, it has been tweaked to fit the fashion designs of the time. While it does show some minor differences, the core style has always stayed the same. A moto jacket from 1945 looks very similar to one from 2015. This makes buying a used one almost more preferable than a new jacket.

Similarly, Stylcaster points out that this year’s hot fur overcoat comes in the same style as a few years ago –

“This season’s must-have overcoat is not merely a little loose but drastically oversize, with dropped shoulders, extra-long cuffs, and gigantic lapels. While we first saw the roomy style emerge a few seasons back, designers such as Tome, Michael Kors (pictured), and Lemaire are really ramping it up for Fall 2015.”

 The styles may be slightly different, but why not save and get a coat from the 2012 line instead of the 2015 one?

Fur Coat

2012 or 2015? Can you tell the difference? We can’t!

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(Quotes by Pictures by Fashion is My Passion and

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