Can Fur be Casual?

Fur coats have forever been ingrained as a symbol of style and elegance. Fashion icons wear them, you see them all around at fancy dinners and awards shows. When you tell people you own a fur coat, they see you in a different light. This raises the question: can a fur coat be casual? Yes, some people associate owning fur garments to being the wealthy and elegant lady of the town, but that’s just not the case anymore. In this day and age, anyone can own a fur garment, and anyone can make it their own style!

Can fur be casual? Of course it can! For every cocoon-style full length coat out there, there are several counterparts out there. The biggest one is the waist-length fur jacket. Fur jackets of this variety are just begging to be worn out for a casual night on the town, as they go with just about anything. This kind of jacket looks good with a casual top and a pair of jeans, but it also looks amazing with that little red dress you’re going to be wearing to the party later. Street-style fashionistas praise the fur jacket because of its universal nature; scarves, fedoras, dress shirts, you name it! A fur jacket looks natural with all of it.


Fur jacket

The possibilities are endless when you wear a fur jacket!

If the jacket doesn’t really fit your style, then fur vests are the way to go. Vests, in a way, offer even more of a casual style; they are almost more of an accessory than a full-on garment. You can add a furry vest to any long-sleeved top to add texture and color to the overall outfit without sacrificing your comfort. This makes fur vests great for the fall, when it is cooling off, but not quite so cold that you need a winter coat.


Fur Vest

The thing that really makes these fur pieces casual is that they doesn’t have to be expensive. With the availability of pre-owned furs for sale, fur garments are no longer just for the rich. In fact, fashion trends are showing that there are more casual fur garments in recent years than ever before!

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