Can’t Purchase Expensive Brand New Furs? Used Furs to the Rescue!

What better time to wear fur than the cold winter months? Yes, there may be a polar vortex, but that shouldn’t keep you from looking fashionable. Take a cue from fur-wearing celebrities Jessica Simpson and Rihanna. How ravishing they look in fur is described by

The “My Car’s Right Outside”: Jessica Simpson may look awfully calm for only having a thin layer of nylon between her legs and the elements, but don’t worry: She only had a five-foot walk to go before reaching the Good Morning America doors Tuesday morning. A midnight-blue fur and hair worn to cover her ears completed the look, though her rosy cheeks give away the fact that she may be feeling the cold.

The “Rihanna”: The cold can’t keep you from the club! Just put on your best birdcage veil headpiece, your longest, warmest white fur coat and wear a pair of long trousers that meet your pumps so no skin is exposed. You may not be hot, but you sure are haute.

Do you think you can make fur coat work for you, but don’t have the dough to purchase a classy, elegant, high quality one? Don’t worry, there’s always used fur to the rescue. You can purchase used furs from trusted online sellers like Estate Furs.

Can’t Purchase Expensive Brand New Furs? Used Furs to the Rescue!

You can choose to follow the lead of the aforementioned stars, or you can fashion a look that’s totally your own. What’s good about online fur sellers is that they carry virtually any type of fur you can think of. Their inventory seems inexhaustible, so no matter what type of fur you want, they’re likely to have it in stock.

If you’re ready purchase used fur coats and make an icy sidewalk your very own catwalk, visit the websites of a reputable online fur seller today.

(Article Information and Image from What Polar Vortex? Celebs Brave the Cold In Style,, Jan. 7, 2014)