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What to Wear to Your Christmas Party

With Christmas upon us, it is a time for celebration. Soon, we will all be visiting our families and attending our work Christmas parties, creating memories with our loved ones or reminiscing with old friends and colleagues. Like any good event, lots of planning goes into these festivities- what should you cook? What kind of […]

Fur Stoles- Accessory, or Fashion Statement?

At this time of year, you need to keep bundled up. Yes, this winter has been extremely mild, but that doesn’t mean that it will stay that way! Before you know it, we will be experiencing sub-zero temperatures, snow, and frigid winds. The best way to stay cozy in these harsh elements is by equipping […]

Collars and Sense: Fur Collars in a Winter Wedding

What could be a better gift than love? This close to the holidays, there are many who go out and buy their special someone an engagement ring, the perfect symbol of love and commitment. By the same time next year, these same people are often preparing to tie the knot with a lavish winter wedding. […]

Look Like a Diva in a Stunning Fur Cape

Everywhere you look lately, there are capes. Between movies featuring princesses and superheroes, shows featuring Victorian detectives, and fantasy-oriented media, you cannot escape the fashion piece! However, this season, capes are not just for characters in fictional stories. All over the world, people are busting out their furry accessories to use in their winter outfits. […]

Spice Up Your Winter with Some New Winter Fashions!

The verdict is in- This winter features an abundance of new and unique fashion trends! Designers everywhere are rolling out their new lines, most of which feature unique patterns, colors, and materials. Fashionistas everywhere are rejoicing, as their variety of choices for winter style has just gone through the roof! Without fail, many of these […]