Collars and Sense: Fur Collars in a Winter Wedding

What could be a better gift than love? This close to the holidays, there are many who go out and buy their special someone an engagement ring, the perfect symbol of love and commitment. By the same time next year, these same people are often preparing to tie the knot with a lavish winter wedding. As it happens, this winter is the perfect time to hold your ceremony. White has been named the color of the season, which means your stunning gown will look all the more lovely! The perfect gown will make your big day even more memorable. By adding some fur flair to your dress, you will be sure to get people talking!

Typically, fur is incorporated into the gown by wrapping a stole, cape, or scarf around the neck. This adds some contrasting texture, and makes it stand out from the powdery white backdrop. Not to mention, fur has always been a sign of luxury and elegance; it’s only natural that it would make a dress feel the same way! However, there are other unique ways to get incorporate the fuzzy material into your wedding dress.

Fur wedding gown One of these ways is by adding a fur collar. The style of collar on your gown depends on the type of dress you have. If you’re going for something that is bertha cut, the collar will flip down across the neckline. Using fur on this type of dress creates a similar effect to a scarf or small wrap. If your dress features an overcoat, you can use fur to wrap around its collar and then have it follow the coat all the way around the hemline.

Fur collar dressIf you want to capture the “princess” look, you can always use fur in the style of a stand up collar (also known as a Medici Collar). As the name implies, this type of collar stands up in a circular pattern, framing the beautiful bride in the center. These can be as large or as subtle as you desire; some only come up to the mid-neck, while others can reach all the way to the bottom of your ears. Adding fur to this style, either messy or trimmed, creates a wonderful look good enough for a queen!

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(Pictures by, Fem Area, and Vogue Fashion)

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