Fur coats become a designer favorite for luxury labels

It seems that fur coats and fur jackets have gone from a somewhat controversial fashion no-no to a catwalk favorite says Hannah Ellis-Petersen in her recent report for theguardian.com.

Fendi RTW FW 2012

Fendi RTW FW 2010, Image courtesy fashionsensitive

As well known large fashion houses such as Fendi continue to use real fur in their collections, there is apparently an increased demand for mink, sable, fox and ferret pelts and fur farmers are stepping up production accordingly.

The article states:

Mark Oaten, CEO of the International Fur Federation, said he was unsurprised by the growth in productionas the taboo around wearing real fur was fading into irrelevance. “We knew from the catwalks that fur is certainly being used much more by designers and from some of the retail figures, which can be patchy and difficult, that the sales are going strongly,” he said. “So with this increase in demand, farmers are deciding to invest more in fur farms and increase production.”

Many famed celebrities are stepping out into the spotlight wearing real fur coats.  Such stars as Kim Kardashian, Rita Ora and Rihanna have been sighted in the latest trends from the European runways as recently as last month’s New York Fashion week.

It seems as fur gains popularity with often photographed celebrities, the general public will be more willing to join suit and follow the lead of many high-fashion designers in embracing the warmth, softness and overall luxury of real fur coats.


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