Halloween Costume, or Lifelong Investment?

For those Halloween-fanatics out there sad that the holiday is over, don’t fret! It’s time to start planning for next year! With the holiday over, people are cleaning up after their parties and sorting through the candy their children received while trick-or-treating. Stores are having their after-Halloween sales, where they often have their surplus costumes marked down to dirt cheap prices. Sure, you can go buy some cheap costume from a big box store, but why not make next year’s costume a memorable one? Buying real fur, leather, or shearling garments for your costume next year not only makes it look authentic, but it also provides you with an investment to hold on to for a long time!

As you may already know, there is nothing more cozy and durable than real fur or leather garments. If taken care of properly, they will last you a very long time, and can even be passed down for generations to your children and grandchildren. Why not treat yourself? On top of this, incorporating your outwear into next year’s costume is simple!

For instance, leather jackets can be used in a number of different costumes. Are you a fan of the classic hit movie Grease? A leather jacket will help you bring out your inner Danny or Sandy! Even better, you could use two leather jackets to make a cute couples costume! More of an action movie person? The classic stylish leather jacket can also be used for things like Arnold Schwartzenegger in The Terminator, Trinity from The Matrix, or James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause.

James Dean Style

Even after the holiday is over, the James Dean style is in!

What about fur? Well, you could always go as one of the most prominent fur fashionistas of all time, Marilyn Monroe! If you’d rather go the popular culture route, one of the hottest costumes of this year was Cookie Lyon from Empire. And of course, there’s always Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City, who was always decked out in fur stoles, jackets, and hats. On the male side of things, a good fur coat can evoke the likes of “Broadway” Joe Namath or even music icon Kanye West.

shoebagmania fur coat

The best part about purchasing a real fur coat or real leather jacket for your costume is that you get to actually use it all year round! Unlike a pre-packaged coat that comes with the costume, this one serves a practical purpose in addition to adding some character to your outfit.

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(Pictures via Syndicate and Shoebagmania.com)

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