How to Care for Vintage Pre Owned Furs to Last for Years or Decades

“The Duchess of Cambridge normally dominates the Royal style stakes, but it was the Queen who today stole the show with some vintage glamour in a luxurious fur coat.

Queen Elizabeth II arrived for the royals’ traditional Christmas church service at a chapel on the Sandringham Estate in the brown fur coat which she has owned since 1961.

But the Queen didn’t stay in the coat for long, making her first outfit change of the day into a vibrant burnt orange cashmere Stewart Parvin coat.”

The Queen is surely much adored for her regal style. As seen in two of her recent Christmas Day outfits, fur takes a large part in creating her timelessly elegant looks. Furs truly bring a classic touch of glamor which is why savvy fashionistas are getting into purchasing pre owned furs.

How to Care for Vintage Pre Owned Furs to Last for Years or Decades

Highlighted was the queen’s vintage brown fur coat acquired in the 60s. Despite the accessory’s age, it shows such pristine condition. For your furs to last years and decades, special care must be rendered.

  • Furs need room to breathe. They cannot be kept in plastic cloth bags or crammed too much with other clothes. Should they be wet by mild rain, just allow them to dry away from heat.
  • Furs heed delicate storage instructions in warm seasons. They cannot be simply hung on your closet no matter how great the ventilation system. They require a constant amount of humidity and temperature, so professional furrier storage is warranted.
  • Appropriate cleaning will be needed for furs. Regular dry cleaners do not have the special training for fur care. Furs must undergo professional cleaning, conditioning and glazing yearly or as needed.
  • For vintage pieces, restyling can be done to modernize the look. However, this must be done with extreme caution and expertise. Take your pieces to expert furriers.
  • Fur specialists will guide you in any concerns. Companies like Estate Furs offer services from selling professionally-appraised preowned fur coats, to expert cleaning, storing and restyling. Furs are solid investments and can even be heirlooms, so take care of them like any other valuable asset.

(Article Information and Image from Style Queen: Elizabeth opts for vintage glamour in stunning fur coat before recycling yellow dress she wore to Kate and William’s wedding in her annual speech, Mail Online (, December 25, 2013)