Cowboy Jacket

How to Get That Rugged Rancher Look

Everybody wants to look amazing. Whether it be by wearing a tough leather jacket or through wearing his best suit, guys always want to look their best. Despite the stereotypes, there are hundreds of different styles for men out there. Some men take their fashion in a different direction than the norm, going for the cowboy or “rancher” look. By donning a classic brown leather jacket, they emulate their heroes of the old west and also looking quite rugged while doing so!

It’s not difficult to create the look of a cowboy. Leather boots…leather jacket…cowboy hat…and it’s done! Right? Topically, it may look that simple. However, when you delve a little deeper, there are several different ways you can go with this look.

Everyone knows the typical cowboy has his trusty hat. What they may not know, however, is just how many different styles of hat there are! For example, there are cowboy hats with rounded tops, fedora tops, and hats with tops that are somewhere between the two. Some hats have circular brims, and some have brims that feature a fold on one or both sides. On top of all of that, all of these hats sit on the head at different angles! Knowing what type of hat you want is key to pulling off this style.

Different Hats

There are an endless amount of styles of Cowboy hats out there!

Second only to the cowboy hat is the leather jacket. Most modern-day ranchers are seen wearing a brown, button-up leather jacket with open sleeves and flannel lining. While this is the most typical type of jacket used in this look, some may want to opt for the more traditional style. A fringed, full length leather jacket will take you all the way back to the golden days of the west, as the likes of Buffalo Bill Cody and Teddy Roosevelt wore these coats often. Then, of course, is the colors; rugged cowboy jackets can vary from dark brown to tan and even black! And let us not forget the best part- jackets in these style are some of the most durable and warm coats you’ll ever find.

Fringed Leather Jacket

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