How to Make Your Leather Last

Leather has been a staple in the fashion industry for years. The strong, durable fabric keeps its wearer warm and protected from the elements. Not to mention, a stylish leather jacket will definitely turn some heads as you’re walking down the street or cruising down the highway on your motorcycle! Whether you’re looking for a Bomber, a motocross, or a straight up cowboy jacket, a men’s leather jacket gives you the perfect blend of style, comfort, and quality for your money.

Men's Leather Jacket

A good leather jacket is perfect for all occasions!

Leather jackets for men offer extreme longevity if treated correctly. According to an article on

A good leather jacket (and it does have to be a good one) will last for decades. Properly treated, it will outlive you. Remember, we still have the leather clothes that Roman soldiers wore in museums today, intact thousands of years after they were first cut.

As you can see, proper storage, cleaning, and treatment of a leather jacket will ensure that it’ll still be there for your children and grandchildren to enjoy. This raises the question – how do you properly care for a leather jacket? The most helpful piece of advice will come from the most obvious of places, the tag. Whenever purchasing a new garment, be sure to check the tag for proper washing and storage instructions. However, what if you bought your men’s leather jacket second hand? Fear not, for there are several universal processes for maintaining your leather.

Cleaning Leather Jacket

Keeping your leather jacket clean and treated will keep it preserved for years to come.

First, properly identify the type of leather your jacket is made out of. Leathers such as suede are more susceptible to stains and water damage, while something like nappa is much more durable. Also, the quality of the leather can be a determining factor in whether or not it can be hand washed, or if it must be treated by a professional cleaner. Once you have figured out how to properly clean your men’s leather jacket, you can focus on keeping it in tact. offers some tips on how to keep your leather looking fresh:

  • Never cram your pockets full of “stuff” or carry heavy items because it will stretch the leather.

  • Do not spray on hair spray, perfume or cologne while wearing your coat. The alcohol will dry out and stain the leather.

  • Never attach badges, pins, tape or stick-on labels to leather. It will mar the finish.

There you have it! Following these tips will ensure that you get the most out of your money when it comes to a leather jacket for men. If you want to purchase the finest quality men’s leather jackets, contact Day Furs or Estate Furs to find out how you can get yourself in one today!

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