Karl Lagerfeld: The Marvel of Fur Fashion

In this day and age, it seems like there are millions upon millions of fashion designers out there. Each new season brings new styles and outfits, all which seem to come and go within the span of a few months. The same can be said for many fashion designers; with the constant need for new and innovative ideas, it can be difficult for a designer to find his or her niche. Even with the ever-changing needs of the fashion world, there are a select few fashion stars who have been consistently great at their job for decades. One of the most famous (if not the most famous), is German-born Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl Lagerfeld

Lagerfeld, now in his 80’s, is probably the greatest example of consistency in the world of fashion. He has been the creative director of Fendi for close to 50 years, while also running his own line and working closely with fashion house Chanel. Throughout his many years, one of the mainstays of Lagerfeld’s designs has been his furs-

“His [Lagerfeld’s] furmutations, if you will, have included Eskimo fur (1970), roof-tile fur (1978), ravioli fur (1982), wavy fur (1988), dreadlock fur (1993), polka-dot fur (2000), splatter-effect fur (2013), and 3-D fur (2013).”

This fashion guru isn’t done yet. Just last July, his new line of fur garments premiered at the Fendi Couture show in Paris. Even though it may seem like this man has done it all, he is still bringing innovation to the forefront of fur fashion-

“Call his latest innovation moonlight fur. “For the first time, we used a special treatment that gives a silver metallic effect to the fur while still keeping it soft,” Lagerfeld said.”

Moonlight fur

This “moonlight fur” was truly a sight to behold, as models walked down the runway draped in glistening silver garments. Just about every type of piece was present, from full length cocoon coats to the more streamlined silver fur jackets. The items showed a large variety of highly fashionable outfits. Some coats were created of a more full fur, while others were sleek and trim. Some of these trim garments were paired with a voluminous fur scarf to give the outfit three-dimensional texture. Colors and patterns that complimented the moonlight fur popped up all throughout the show.

Silver sable coat

Lagerfeld was extremely proud of his work. When W Magazine asked about his designs and the people who help create them, he applauded their skills, saying, “They create works of art.” When the journalist asked the designer what his favorite piece was, he dodged the question, saying that he always looks forward, not back. This year’s show may be over, but to Lagerfeld, this only presents a new world of opportunities and directions for him to take his every-innovative fashion lines.

(Quotes by W Magazine. Pictures by Vogue and Mulzul.com)

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