Keep Your Head Warm This Winter with a Classic Fur Hat

As disheartening as it sounds, cold weather is right around the corner. However, the changing of the season doesn’t have to be a negative. Along with the winter season comes the fur season! Soon, you’ll be seeing women out in their stunning mink fur coats or fur-lined ski jackets walking down the street and men in leather coats. Winter truly is the best time for fur fashion. Although everyone knows that fur garments are the best way to bundle up this winter, they may be forgetting one important factor – How are they going to keep their heads warm? Sure, there are plenty of knitted caps out there, but if you truly want the most out of warmth and style, fur hats may just be for you.

Fur headwear comes in multiple styles. One of the most popular fur hats, what Russia calls the Ushanka, is a classic look that screams elegance. Fashion blog tells a little bit more about this gorgeous piece-

“Translating as ‘ear hat’, the traditional ushanka has flaps that cover the ears, whereas more commercial versions just have the fur hat that stops at the ear. Either way, they are a very popular way of keeping warm during the winter months!”


Fur Hat

And warm they are! Much like the coats made of the same material, the Ushanka hat is extremely durable, and will keep you toasty warm. Of course, let’s not forget the traditional hunter’s cap. This is the iconic piece of fur headwear; this is the one that you see in tourism ads for cold-weather places like Minnesota or North Dakota. Featuring a square-like shape and ear flaps that almost come down to your shoulders, this garment is usually adorned with a fuzzy lining to keep it’s wearer from freezing in the bitter weather. The great thing about this cap is that it’s universal (both men and women can wear it depending on the style).


Hunter's cap

The classic hunter’s cap is a great style for both men and women!

One of the best things about fur hats is that they can be made out of anything! If you have an old stole that you don’t use anymore or want to cut down your old fur jacket, you can use the material left over from the restyle to create some new toasty-warm headwear!

Fur Bobble

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(Quote by Pictures by Blue Melon,, and Life and Style Madrid.)

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