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When looking for a new fur outwear, you want some variety. It’s always nice to have choices, but sometimes the sheer volume of options when it comes to choosing a new coat can be overwhelming. Full length…quarter length…mink fur coats…fox-trim coats…There are thousands of options to choose from. However, there’s no reason to worry. Choosing a type of fur coat is easy! Here is a quick guide to the different styles of fur coats on the market:


Fur Jacket

            The Classic Fur Jacket

One of the most common styles of fur coat is the classic “jacket.” What separates a fur jacket from the rest of its counterparts is its short length. The jacket style has a hemline that ranges from the midriff to beginning of the natural waist. This type of garment can be worn in the classic style, or open as something of a cardigan. Fur jackets can be paired with jeans, leggings, or skirts, and are used for the more casual look.


3/4 Length Coat

     The 3/4 Length Fur Coat

A three-quarters length coat, as the name suggests, runs about a third of the way down the body, stopping around the mid-calf. These types of garments often feature a winged or shawl collar, and are often worn with dresses to add a flair of luxury. The three-quarters length coat will generally fit a little more loosely, which allows the hem of the garment to flow out more.


7/8 Length Coat

          The 7/8 Length Fur Coat

A seven-eighths length coat is the next step above the three-quarters length. This is the atypical garment most people think of when it comes to fur coats. The seven-eighths coat can be worn with just about anything, as it covers up all but the shoes and the lover leg. Because they are so long, these types of coats sometimes feature accents around the cuffs of the sleeves to add contrast.


Full Length Fur Coat

       The Full Length Fur Coat

The final major type of garment, the full length coat, is the greatest form of luxurious fur garment you can find! This type of garment goes all the way down to the ankles, which allows it to be worn with literally anything. If you want to evoke the likes of Marilyn and Jackie O, this is the coat for you.


Whether you want the classic, go with everything jacket or the flowing, elegant full length coat, Estate Furs can help! Call us or visit our website today to see our large selection of used fur and leather outwear and accessories.

(Pictures by Best Coats Gallery,, Fur & Only Fur, and The Daily Mail)

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