Look Like a Diva in a Stunning Fur Cape

Everywhere you look lately, there are capes. Between movies featuring princesses and superheroes, shows featuring Victorian detectives, and fantasy-oriented media, you cannot escape the fashion piece! However, this season, capes are not just for characters in fictional stories. All over the world, people are busting out their furry accessories to use in their winter outfits. This season, a fur cape is a fashion statement. Newspaper The Michigan Daily explains-

“Sleek, comfortable and tailored to perfection, capes are the perfect transition piece from morning to evening, class to dinner, streets to runway…the cape is the new trend among every it-person in fashion this season, both men and women alike…a cape never fails to take an outfit to the next level.”

On top of being a great transitional style, fur capes offer a sort of elegant style that you can get nowhere else. This flowing gown makes its wearer look like they stepped right out of a winter fashion show!

Gorski Poncho

Capes will keep you looking elegant this year!

Capes come in a variety of styles. Some are long, running all the way down to the feet; others are more like a shawl, stopping at the waist. Many fray, flow, or come to a point at the bottom, while others are slim-fitted to the body and drape. They can fasten completely closed with a button at the neck, and some slip over the head and hold with a small string. Many of these garments feature a cozy hood to protect your head from the elements.

Silver Fox Day Furs What really gives a cape a stylish flair is its trim and pattern. Because of their parka-like nature, many of these capes today take inspiration from ski jackets and Inuit style, with tribal patterns across the body and fur all around the hood. Others, however, go the more traditional route, composed completely of furry material. These more traditional fur capes can be covered in messy fur, short shearling fur, have just a fur trim, or they can even be made of cotton or cashmere and feature a fur pattern!

Gorski Cape Even with an endless amount of choices, one thing is for sure- all fur capes are one of a kind! If you’re looking for your own fur cape, Estate Furs can help! Visit our website (www.estatefurs.com) to browse our large selection of pre-owned leathers, shearlings, and furs for sale.

(Quote by The Michigan Daily. Pictures courtesy of Gorski and Day Furs)

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