Men’s Fur Fashion, Part 1

Fur is a great style for everyone. When many people think of a fur mink coat or a trendy shearling fur jacket, they instantly think of the fabulous fashionista. They think of the 50’s bombshell or the modern-day glamor model. While things like shearling bomber jackets have been a staple of men’s fashion for decades, things like fur jackets, scarves, and coats have typically been reserved for the ladies. However, in today’s day and age, fur is for everyone. There are numerous types of fur garments out there for men of all ages in a variety of different styles!

Guys can definitely rock the traditional fur coat. Anyone who has watched American Football in their lifetime knows of the style of “Broadway” Joe Namath. The popular Quarterback for the New York Jets famously wore a bright white fur coat on the sidelines during the 70s; he donned a similar coat a few years ago when he did the coin toss at the Super Bowl. In recent years, designers have used new techniques to make the traditional fur coat look more manly and rugged, with some even going as far as to make them look like a sweatshirt or traditional coat!

Day Furs Shearling The typical fur garment that is created with men in mind is the shearling coat. These jackets feature a warm layer of fur on the inside, and usually have rough leather on the outside. Shearling is not just limited to the standard bomber jacket. There are several suede or wool coats that feature shearling, as well. These coats look like a lot like a peacoat, with an overlapping section that is then fastened together with slip buttons. Much like their leather counterparts, they have a layer of shearling fur or wool that billows up around the collar. These types of fur garments look sleek, sexy, and are amazingly warm!

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