Men’s Fur Fashion, Part 2

Not too long ago Estate Furs mentioned how, contrary to popular belief, fur fashion is not just for the starlets. Fur has been a staple of the male fashion industry for decades, and with good reason. No matter what type of material, be it natural or manmade, it can’t measure up to the comfort, versatility, and durability of fur garments. We’ve talked about traditional shearling coats and the styles of Kanye and Broadway Joe, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to men’s fur fashion!

One of the largest non-coat, non-leather piece of men’s fur fashion is the fur vest. Much like a regular ski vest, these garments run waist-length and have no sleeves. What separates the fur vest from its puffy relative is the vast variety of materials! Fur vests can come as shearling, with a corduroy or cotton outer layer that creates a rugged look. Or, if you want to be more traditional with your style, there is the standard fur vest. Longer-haired fur vests create a wavy look that goes perfect with the puffier coats and winter attire. Short-haired vests, while still warm, are used more as a fashion statement than practical winter outwear. This style is sleeker, and thus matches well with a regular pair of jeans and long sleeved-shirt.

Estate Furs men's vestAnother option in the fur industry for men is the use of fur as a lining. Usually, when people think of fur lining for men, they immediately jump to shearling leather jackets or pea coats. However, nothing beats using fur as a lining for a sweatshirt or pullover! Pullovers are usually collared, long sleeve garments that are worn in business casual settings. These garments are characterized by their cozy material and luxurious style; adding fur lining to pullovers just amplifies this effect! On the other hand, sweatshirts are usually reserved for a casual style. By lining them with fur, you can keep the casual look while also making it double as a stylish winter garment!

Fur SweatshirtAre you ready for winter style season? Estate Furs is! Call us or visit our website ( to see our collection of pre-owned fur, leather, and shearling accessories and garments today!

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