Shearling is the New Biker

Guys, have you ever wondered what it’s like to look and feel awesome? No? Uh huh…Even if not (although surely you have), there’s a new style this season that may be of interest to you. Sure, everyone knows that the classic leather biker look can turn any guy into a smokin’ hot bad boy, but […]

Subtle Styles for the Fur Season

Fashion can be a fickle thing. What is “in” and what’s “out,” what’s “chic” and “faux pas,” change like the seasons! The world of fur fashion is no exception. If you’re worried about the “fashionability” of that flowing fur mink coat, don’t be! Mink coats have been in style for years, and are still a […]

Fur Moccasins

Moccasins in the Fur Fashion World

When one hears the words “fur garment,” they usually think of stoles, strollers, and fur coats for sale. However, one type of garment is usually looked over by fashionistas; the shoe. Shoes are something that aren’t really talked about in the world of fur and leather fashion. Despite being one of the oldest forms of […]