The Magic of the Leather Coat

Just picture it- A motorcycle roars down the street, zipping past cars and roaring through the city. The driver stops and gets off their bike, rocking their hot leather jacket and sexy leather boots. Now, picture yourself as this rider. THAT’s the feeling you get when you wear one of the many stylish leather coats […]

Wearing the Rainbow: The Case of Dyed Fur Garments

Have you notice that lately fur garments have gotten a little…unconventional? As you pay attention to the latest trends, you will notice that while you can still find garments in beautiful white and chocolate brown shades, there are some that show off a radiant blue or even a bright red! William Austin, author of Principles […]

The Price is More Than Right with Pre-loved Fur Coats and Other Pre-Owned Furs

If you are a cost-conscious shopper or know someone who is, luxurious pre-loved fur coats and other pre-owned fur items can make the price more than right for your budget. Fur garments will last generations if you take care of them. They can be passed on to your children, your children’s children, and even further. […]

How to Make Your Leather Last

Leather has been a staple in the fashion industry for years. The strong, durable fabric keeps its wearer warm and protected from the elements. Not to mention, a stylish leather jacket will definitely turn some heads as you’re walking down the street or cruising down the highway on your motorcycle! Whether you’re looking for a […]