Getting the Most Out of Your Restyle

                Have you ever bought a fur coat and then later had buyers remorse? Maybe the fit is unflattering. Maybe the fur has become worn or matted. Maybe you simply just don’t like the style of the garment anymore and want to move on to bigger and better things. Of course, you could sell your […]

Finding That Perfect Fur Coat for Winter

Finding That Perfect Fur Coat for Winter   Looking for a warm and durable fur coat that also offers great style? Do you want something that screams luxurious as well as timelessness? Estate Furs makes it easy to help you find the perfect fitting fur coat for women. If you want quality, style, and a […]

Game-changing fur coats for the spring season

These inspirational fur coats for women have our hearts racing as we prepare to step out in style this spring. The temperatures are still fresh enough for fur and we love that!  With designers around the globe showing wonderfully whimsical fur coats and fur fashions for us to indulge in, there are a few stand […]

Fur coats become a designer favorite for luxury labels

It seems that fur coats and fur jackets have gone from a somewhat controversial fashion no-no to a catwalk favorite says Hannah Ellis-Petersen in her recent report for As well known large fashion houses such as Fendi continue to use real fur in their collections, there is apparently an increased demand for mink, sable, […]

How do our Favorite Celebrities Style Fur Coats

Always in the spotlight and constantly followed closely by the paparazzi, many of our favorite celebrities are often seen making a statement with fur coats and fur clothes.  As the trend becomes more affordable and readily available, why not pick up a fur coat or fur jacket and dress like your favorite stars below. Seen […]