Shearling is the New Biker

Shearling Fashon

Guys, have you ever wondered what it’s like to look and feel awesome? No? Uh huh…Even if not (although surely you have), there’s a new style this season that may be of interest to you. Sure, everyone knows that the classic leather biker look can turn any guy into a smokin’ hot bad boy, but did you know that the look can also be pulled off in the form of another type of leather garment? Leather shearling coats are all the rage this winter, and for good reason! Shearling has always been one of the warmest forms of outwear, but now it has been elevated into the world of style.

Recently Coach, a designer label known more for its leather accessories, debuted their own line of shearling outwear. In the words of

“The label’s [Coach’s] first-ever ready-to-wear men’s collection, unveiled at London Collections: Men in January, was a soft, woolly touchpoint. Shearling really was everywhere, from full-length retro coats to shorter pilot and biker jackets. Vevers even added it to the hoods of parkas and a varsity jacket, not to mention the matching shearling and leather trainers.”

Shearling Varsity Jacket

A shearling varsity jacket. Now that’s something you don’t see every day!

Perhaps the most surprising part of this show was that the shearling was not limited to the classic Bomber Jacket; the warm material was used as accents, vests, hoods, and even pocket lining. Several of the garments featured a cracked, worn look. These jackets did their best to make the wearer look handsome and rugged. On the opposite end of the spectrum, several jackets also sported a very modern and clean style. The designer of these garments believes that there is a market on both ends of the spectrum, as men these days have different appearances for different occasions.

Styles of Shearling

Several different takes on the shearling jacket were present at Coach’s show

One of the most peculiar pieces of the show came in the form of what I like to call a Cowboy Vest Jacket. This garment harkened back to the days of John Wayne, as it featured a white shearling vest-like pattern over a brown leather jacket. Even though it appears to be a vest over a coat, it is all one piece! Maybe the Cowboy look is what they were going for, as the article points out that the aforementioned material is made for the outdoors-

“…shearling is an inherently outdoorsy fabric. Therefore, it sits particularly well with equally rugged textures like denim, corduroy and coarse wool.”

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