Ski Jackets are the Fashion Luxury of Winter

A good ski jacket or parka has always been the go-to garment when the temperature drops. Often associated with those who hit the slopes at the first sign of frost, these body-covering pieces are some of the warmest and strongest out there. Whether you are into extreme winter sports or not, you definitely want to look good in the snow-covered landscapes this winter; these garments have been adapted to fit into the world of fashion, as well. In the words of The Observer

“…they [fur-lined parkas and ski jackets] also happen to be the ultimate winter luxury, available in a rainbow of fur choices…They can be worn more frequently than an all-fur coat, due to the casual nature of the style, but they’ll be just as warm. Further, the massive hood makes hiding from harsh winds and snow showers a stylish activity.”

Estate Furs Ski JacketFor garments that have their origins in extreme sporting, ski jackets and parkas definitely go well with the casual style. You will often see these coats being worn along with leggings and Ugg boots, jeans and flats, and in some cases even sweats and tennis shoes! The jackets are often paired with a matching pompom hat and a pair of gloves to give off a radiant winter chic. They come in a variety of different colors and styles; olive green parkas…black puffy jackets…dark blue form-fitting vests…they are all only a fraction of the different styles out there!

Colorful Ski JacketWhat really puts the finishing touches on a parka or ski jacket is the lining. This part of the garment is key, as it is the part that will determine whether or not it will be able to stand up to the chill of winter. Some have flannel lining, some have stuffed cotton lining. However, the jackets featuring a lining made of fur or shearling are the ones that will keep you the warmest and last the longest. Fur and shearling are perfect for the harsh weather; the material is extremely durable and acts adds a natural layer of protection for your body. Not to mention, this type of material looks good! Fur adds another dimension to the outfit (literally!) due to its puffy and layered nature. Shearling also creates a “fluffy” look that can make any coat look stylish.

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(Quote by The Observer. Pictures by Estate Furs)

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