Spice Up Your Winter with Some New Winter Fashions!

The verdict is in- This winter features an abundance of new and unique fashion trends! Designers everywhere are rolling out their new lines, most of which feature unique patterns, colors, and materials. Fashionistas everywhere are rejoicing, as their variety of choices for winter style has just gone through the roof! Without fail, many of these garments feature always-fashionable fur, leather, or shearling material in their scheme.

While you’re out around the town, you may start to wonder if you are being subjected to a personality test! One of the top trends this winter is a “Rorschach Test” pattern of black and white. These types of garments don’t really have a rhyme or reason; they feature a white base, and then have black patterns all over. These patterns are extremely unique because they are mostly asymmetrical; they look as though someone just splattered black dye at random all around the outfit. Naturally, this type of style lends itself to being incorporated into fur coats for women and men. The snow-white fur and splotches of black create a perfect stylish contrast.

Rorschach Test Coat

Estate Furs has its own coat in this Rorschach Style!

Another furry style sweeping the world this season is the tribal look. These garments feature patterns across the front and back of the garment that are based on the traditional art of the Inuit tribes up north. Parkas, ski coats, and regular overcoats are all a part of this trend, which features patterns of diamonds, animals, snowflakes, and water. To top off this cozy fashion, the inside of the coats are usually lined with shearling fur all the way from the bottom up to the hood.

Tribal Pattern Parka

One of the most peculiar fashion trends of this season has to be the pairing of denim skirts with fur jackets. Although this fashion seems to be created for the more timid winter weather, it is definitely taken the street style world by storm! Much like a pair of jeans, denim skirts match with any sort of material- fur, leather, suede, cotton, and wool all look good with these skirts. If you’re wondering how a skirt is possible in the winter, the answer is layering! Fashionistas wear layers of yoga pants or leggings underneath the skirt to make sure they stay warm without sacrificing style. Toss on a cute fur jacket, a pair of denim shorts, some comfy and warm pants, and a sweater, and you’re good to go!

Fur and Denim

Fur mixed with Denim skirts has taken the world of street style by storm!

These new winter styles are just a few of the countless new fashions out there for women this year. No matter which of these many styles you want to go with, Estate Furs can help! Go to our website, www.estatefurs.com, to see our large selection of pre-owned furs, leathers, and shearlings for sale.

(Pictures via Estate Furs and Pinterest)

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