Stripes in the Fall?

There has been an interesting trend springing up all over the globe this fall…normally, you’d associate the autumn with color blocking of browns, reds, and even some of the “new” fall colors such as olive. You’d see furry accessories such as classic scarves or shawls and leather purses. However, this fall, the stripe is back in!

Gorski Fur Coat

Striped garments (like this Gorski fur coat) are back in!

Stripes have always been “in” right? Aren’t stripes around every season, be it fall, winter, or summer? Not this kind. The stripes of fall 2015 are loud, proud, and fabulous! News site The Independent says-

“This year we’ve witnessed the humble stripe get a major overhaul and for autumn/winter its stock continues to sky rocket. Seventies’ vibes are permeating everywhere and this season’s stripes feel fresh and rebellious with uniformity out of the equation.”

You may be wondering: how do stripes fit in with fur or leather garments? Don’t those usually come in a singular and natural color? While you’d be correct, the use of modern dyes allows for any garment (no matter the material) to be decked out in multicolor chic!

Lyst Fur CoatObviously, there are those types of fur garments that lend themselves to stripes. Just about anyone with a fashion sense will tell you about the wonders of a tiger or leopard print piece. Whether it be on a purse, a short fur jacket for women, or even some fabulous new shoes, those type of patterned furs will live on in the world of fashion forever.

What has become popular recently, however, is the use of stripes to create a unique pattern. Stripes on these outfits run in every direction. Lines going up, down, diagonal, crisscross, jagged are all a part of this trend. One of the most common ways to utilize stripes is to either form a “W” pattern horizontally, or to make the garment look like a sort of “candy cane” of color by running diagonal columns around the body. There are those who use the traditional fur colors of brown, white, and black, but there are lots of fur coats out there featuring pinks, reds, and baby blues as well! Style is a very personally industry; with the countless different types of fur patterns out there, you can personalize your garment in any way you’d like!

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(Quote by The Independent. Photos by Gorski,, and Aliexpress)

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