Taking Good Care of Fur Coats for Women: Options for Storing Your Fur

So you finally have your hands on one of those elegant fur coats for sale that you’ve always had your eye on. Unless you want to keep buying new ones every year you will want to learn how to properly maintain your nice new winter wear instead. One of the important aspects of this maintenance need is proper storage, and here are some helpful tips that should help you maintain the quality of your fur’s life:

Taking Good Care of Fur Coats for Women: Options for Storing Your Fur

Taking Good Care of Fur Coats for Women: Options for Storing Your Fur

Closet Storage

Of course you can keep your fur in your own closet – if you have a big enough room for it, that is. Fur coats tend to get crumpled up and messy when you place it in a cramped space with the rest of your clothes that you probably won’t be using for half a year as well. When you do plan to store it yourself, make sure that you use a thick and strong enough hanger to support its weight as well.

Rent Storage Space

If you can afford paying for it all through spring and summer, you can also opt to rent your own space in a storage facility to keep your fur from getting damaged. When doing so, look for a facility with good climate-controlled units, since you don’t want to expose your coats to excessive moisture or high temperatures for months on end.

Professional Furrier

According to Yahoo! Voices, you can also hire a professional to store and maintain it for you while not in use:

“[S]toring [the coats] for the summer at a professional fur facility is your best storage choice. These facilities are dedicated to fur storage and typically have state-of-the-art equipment, insurance, and security. They also provide beneficial services such as cleaning and repairs prior to putting your garment into the storeroom.”

Indeed, companies like Estate Furs not only have excellent fur coats for women up for sale, but also have storage and maintenance services to suit your needs. Always remember to take good care of your fur coats, especially when they’re not in use.

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