The Many Styles of the Leather Garment

Everyone knows that leather garments are some of the most versatile pieces out there. They are warm, durable, and can be used in a plethora of different styles while lasting for generations with the proper care. However, gone are the days of the simple and standard black leather jacket. All over the country, people are bringing out their coolest and most eye-catching pieces of leather fashion. Some of these pieces fit with the standard garment, while others take the trend in a whole different direction.

Leather Vest

Unique leather garments are taking the world by storm!

While it will never truly go away, the classic moto jacket now has a lot more competition. Instead, fashionistas everywhere are wearing their bright leather dresses, pants, skirts, and trench coats loud and proud! Leather dresses are a peculiar thing. Some would claim that the material is much too constricting or shiny to work as a formal dress. Well, the likes of celebrities Blake Lively, Lea Michelle, and Jaimie King prove this theory wrong! At a recent awards show, these actresses flaunted dresses made of leather and suede, and looked top notch in doing so!

Leather pants and skirts have become another popular trend. Much like the dresses, these pieces add some stylish street chic to any outfit they are paired with. It may seem like a strange choice to go with leather pants in the fall, but upon closer inspection, why wouldn’t you? Leather is easily the most durable material on the market; it is way more pliable than thicker fabrics, and can take way more abuse than denim or cotton. Of course, people often forget the warmth that leather provides. In the cold of the winter, who wouldn’t want this cozy material protecting them from the elements!?

Red Leather StrollerIt may be needless to say, but these unique leather garments usually don’t come in the standard black. Bright reds, oranges, yellows adorn the patterns of some of these garments while midnight blues, earth green, and violet are prominent on the others. Thanks to modern dyeing techniques, it is now easier to make a statement via your leather garment than ever before!

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