The Shearling Coat is the New Darling of Women’s Coats

When we think of shearling women’s coats we think of cosy, luxe and warm. All these are true for shearling, the soft and natural material that is lightweight and supremely comfortable to wear. The lighter the shearling, such as the one shown below, the more luxurious and the best suited it will be to layer into spring. This natural sheep wool color blends ideally with camels and browns and is perfect for this season’s monochrome looks.

Anastasia coat by Gorsuch

Anastasia coat by Gorsuch, image courtesy

Below one of our favorite celebrity style stars wears her colored shearling coat with minimal under layers and thigh-high boots for a captivating look bound to turn heads and stop hearts.


Rihanna image courtesy of

A natural shearling jacket is perfect for styling with a casual feel as shown below in the bomber jacket style and when paired with denim and distressed pieces it has modern appeal for every hipster.


IRO Cidji Jacket in camel

These days, shearling jackets and coats can be found in more than just the original natural colors. Brighter trends as shown below, are perfect for the spring season when paired with denim, suede and thigh-high boots.  Or can be dressed up to cover a slinky little black dress for a night on the town.

Shearling Coat from

Shearling is the new darling of coats, gracing the runways and featured by many of the world’s great fashion houses for Fall – winter 2014/2015. We will see a resurgence of this 70’s and 80’s cult classic as it is redefined and updated with modern cuts and techniques. Look for metallic and waxed finishes to the suede side and fabulous color treatments to the fur side for the coming seasons. ¬†Layered with featherweight fabrics in Spring and heavier wools in winter, this versitile women’s jacket will be a favorite of yours for years to come!