Things to Consider When Buying a Leather Jacket

Nothing makes the statement “Cool and Stylish” quite like a leather jacket. For both men and women, leather can be a symbol – A symbol of rebellion, sexiness, high fashion, or comfort. Yes, leather outwear is amazing. But, when shopping for womens leather coats or that motorcycle jacket for men,you want to get the best that you can at a price you can afford. Don’t fret over the prices of leather; a good leather jacket is an investment.

Top-quality leather jacket

A high quality leather jacket can’t be beat!

High quality leather can last for years. Not to mention, a pre-owned and pre-loved leather jacket or coat can get you into the same style and comfort for only a fraction of the price of a brand new one! So, you want to buy a jacket. What do you need to look for? Here are some questions you need to ask yourself while shopping for one –

Should I Buy Real Leather?

A real leather jacket is more than worth the price. Faux leather tends to have a plastic feel to it due to its lesser craftsmanship and material. To get a top quality faux leather jacket, you’d need to spend over $100. At this point, why not just spend a little bit more and get a real leather jacket pre-owned? Real leather is much more durable and timeless; if you want to have it for longer than a year, real is the way to go.


Fashion or Function?

The other big question you’ll need to ask yourself when purchasing leather outwear is if you’d rather look fashionable, or be warm and protected from the elements. Why not both? For example, a leather shearling coat is warm, stylish, and sturdy. Maybe you want something that offers a little less warmth that can be worn during the summer? In that case, you’d probably want one of the hundreds of thinner jackets on the market. Even if the ever-changing weather decides to cool down, that’s the beauty of leather – even without a shearling lining, it’s so thick and durable that it will naturally hold your body heat! Not to mention, leather can be waterproofed to provide even more durability!


What Style Should I Choose?

This is completely up to you! Leather outwear comes in many different fashions. There’s always the classic “tough guy/girl” look, featuring black leather and studs all throughout the garment. There has also been an increase in leather colors over the years; if you want a slick blue leather coat to go with your outfit, they have those too. In recent years, this style has even been trending with men as well as women! The kind of leather style you want is limited only by your imagination as fur can also be restyled to meet your own personal taste.

Studded Jacket

A studded leather jacket is the perfect way to show off the “tough girl” look!

There are dozens of different leather jacket styles to choose from, all with their own advantages. No matter what style you want or whether you want fashion or function, we can help! Estate Furs has a huge selection of leather, fur, and shearling outwear to choose from, so call or email us today to learn more!

(Pictures by Arloni Fashion and Small Worlds)

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