Wearing the Rainbow: The Case of Dyed Fur Garments

Have you notice that lately fur garments have gotten a little…unconventional? As you pay attention to the latest trends, you will notice that while you can still find garments in beautiful white and chocolate brown shades, there are some that show off a radiant blue or even a bright red! William Austin, author of Principles and Practice of Fur Dressing and Fur Dying, believes that demand for dyed furs is nothing new, and that there are several reasons why consumers want to wear them-

“Not infrequently, the great variety of shades and color schemes [provided] in the different [natural] furs, becomes insufficient to satisfy the desire of the fur-wearing public for something new. The whims of fashion always require some novel effect, even though it be for only one season. To meet this demand for novelty, fantasy or mode shades are produced on suitable furs,—colors which…strike the popular fancy.”

Purple Spotted Fur

As you can see here, there are no limits to the colors that can adorn your fur!

There are many reasons people dye their furs. One of the most common reasons is simply for the reason stated above: They want their old coat to feel new. They may have inherited a fur garment from a relative, but aren’t crazy about the color. Instead of selling or donating it, they get it restyled at their local furrier. Vibrant with its new color, a dyed fur radiates confidence from its wearer.

Another big reason is simply because many fashionistas want to show off their own style. In several cases someone will find used fur coats for sale and then “flip” them; they get them restyled at a local furrier and then add their own splash of color to show off their eye for design.

Red Hooded Jacket

Even if you opt for a more conventional color, dying your fur can make a huge fashion statement.

While dyed furs have been around for ages, recent trends show a rise in the number of altered garments being worn. In today’s society, people go crazy for customization. It’s only natural that this craze would spill over into the world of fur garments.

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(Quote from William Austin. Pictures from Lady Violette and Alaskan Furs)

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