What to Wear to Your Christmas Party

With Christmas upon us, it is a time for celebration. Soon, we will all be visiting our families and attending our work Christmas parties, creating memories with our loved ones or reminiscing with old friends and colleagues. Like any good event, lots of planning goes into these festivities- what should you cook? What kind of gift should you bring? And most importantly, what should you wear? With this year’s abnormally warm winter weather comes a new dilemma; do you dress in chic warm clothes and risk overheating, or do you try and brave the cold with a more casual style? Luckily, you don’t have to choose! By incorporating fur garments to your warmer-weather outfits, you can have the best of both worlds.

This December, some days have been too warm for even a winter coat. Instead, try to find something a lighter such as a sweater or high-cut fur jacket. High cut jackets are made to protect your arms and upper body, but don’t extend all the way down or wrap around like a cocoon coat (which is made to trap heat). You can also go for a sweater underneath of a fur vest, as the vest will protect you from the brisk wind without causing uncomfortable warmth. For the parts of the body that are not covered by typical autumn attire, you can always go with a fur scarf or wrap!

Even with the right materials, you still need to flaunt your style! With a furry vest, the best way to do this is by donning a black turtleneck and tossing on a white, fluffy vest. Toss in a pair of jeans, and voila! You have a cozy, modern-looking winter fashion.

Furry Vest

Another way to stay fashionable in the warm winter months is by substituting that large coat with a sweater. Red is one of the main colors of Christmas, so it’s only natural that it would be included in the “it” fashion of the season. For a full-on holiday style, wear a maroon fur sweater or jacket, throw on a pair of leggings, and grab a dark green scarf. While red and green are contrasting colors, they actually go together nicely when they are in darker hues.

Dark Green CoatBelieve it or not, you can pull off a skirt this winter! Black and red is always a great look. Put on a red top, and pair it with a black fur skirt and some black boots. For an even better effect, include a black fur scarf and boots with fur lining or trim; this flows well with the furry skirt as well as adds texture to the entire outfit. Of course, even in this mild winter you don’t want to wear just a skirt outside! Toss on some dark-colored tights to complete the outfit, and bundle up with a full-length jacket while traveling outside.

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