Why a Luxurious Mink Fur Coat should be a Staple in a Woman’s Closet

Donatella Versace opens the year and spring season with a night of glam couture. Ad campaign star Lady Gaga in tow up front, Atelier Versace showed a spectacle of lovely silhouettes and detailed styling. The gowns modeled in the show accentuates curves with sophistication and the accessories like the recurring Grace Jones hood, a fox-fur stole and a lush mink fur coat all added a touch of elegance.

The designer makes no apologies for her maximalist approach to red-carpet dressing, and this awards season found her in top form with slinky gowns that combined cinched waists with sensual draping.

“A contemporary goddess: power, determination, strength, and glamour — that’s what I was thinking about,” the designer explained. “And how this woman can show her soft side, being a Versace, because Versace is always very spectacular.”

There was plenty of sock-it-to-ya glamour, with fur items including an off-the-shoulder belted white fox-and-mink coat with a mesh hood studded with sparkling crystals.

Fur has always been an epitome of luxury. The adornment of fur coats has served as a status symbol for celebrities, from the classic Marilyn Monroe to more contemporary artists and stars like Paris Hilton, Beyonce, even Kanye West and P. Diddy. Even the regal Queen Elizabeth II has been spotted wearing a vintage fur stole that she has owned since the 60s.

Why a Luxurious Mink Fur Coat should be a Staple in a Woman’s Closet

Fur coats from Versace couture or other labels may be worth thousands of dollars, but you don’t have to have Lady Gaga’s bank account to afford it. Professionally-appraised used mink fur coats such as those available from Estate Furs are high quality fur coats at a fraction of the appraised cost. The fur coat’s ultimate luxury can be maximized without an immaculate luxury price.

Owning a fur coat is just practical. Qualities of sheer elegance and comfort make it a go-to luxury piece in the closet across seasons (and generations, apparently!) For everyday sportswear to special dressy occasions, one can boldly accessorize with the interesting personality fur factors in. With fur instantly transforming outfits into extraordinarily glamorous statements, fur coats truly should be a staple to invest in.

(Article Information and Image from Atelier Versace Couture Spring 2014, Women’s Wear Daily, January 21, 2014)