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Stylish Leather Jackets and Coats


No matter how great and luxurious a mink coat or pure fur jacket is, sometimes you just want to do things a little differently and sport a look that is just a little bit edgier. As a person with impeccable style and preferences, you may want your luxury coat featuring material other than fur. If that is the case, you are at the perfect place with Estate Furs!

Apart from our wide selection of high quality, professionally appraised estate furs and pre-owned fur coats, we are also your complete source for the finest leather coats for women and men, as well as leather jackets and accessories. Whether it's pure calf skin or lamb leather, we have the particular type of leather material you are looking for, made in various jacket and coat styles. Just like our selection of fur jackets for women and men, the leather apparel and accessories we offer come at a fraction of the cost of retail, with items priced as low as 90% off.

We have thousands of products available, both in stock and through our trusted vendors, ensuring that you can find that affordable, high quality coat or jacket that will serve as the perfect wardrobe accent piece.

Your Very Own Leather and Fur Jacket

A fine leather jacket, coat, or stroller is the quintessential part of any outfit, especially for people who live in places that can get a little chilly. Leather clothing's main difference and advantage over furs and minks is that leather is more durable and can be worn a more often. Tailored in the right style, leather jackets and coats will go well with just about everything, from business formal to casual.

If you still like to sport fur but don't want to take out the minks in your collection too often, you can also find the perfect men's and women's leather coat and fur jacket from our selection. Whether it's a dark chocolate brown leather coat with matching fox tuxedo or a black lamb leather swing coat with a matching ranch mink portrait collar, you can have the perfect leather and fur jacket with just the right kind and amount of fur trim that can serve as a versatile addition to your collection.

Wide Variety of Leather Styles

When people hear about leather jackets, they often only think of it being part of a very casual or rugged look associated with people who ride motorcycles or produce rock music. However, there is a wide variety of styles in which leather is used, and when tailored right can be pulled off in just about any style. With our vast selection of leather products, there is just about every type of leather coat, jacket, or stroller available to allow you to find the one that best matches your style and personality.