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Fur Accessories and More

Estate Furs offers professionally appraised used fur coats, fur jackets and accessories of the highest quality. These include minks, sables, chinchillas, lynx, fox or shearlings and more at a fraction of the appraised price. 

We also have a range of affordable fur accessories including:

  • Fur Hats
  • Fur Capes
  • Fur Stoles
  • Fur Collars
  • Fur Muffs
  • Fur Jackets
  • Fur Vests
  • Fur Trims

Let Your Mouse Do the Walking: Largest Selection of Fur Online


Shop for these gorgeous fur products and accessories right in the comfort of your own home. Our selection of vintage or pre-owned fur and accessories is one of the largest online. You can find that fur coat or hat that you have always wanted, but was priced more than what you could afford before. You do not need to be rich to own an exquisite fur of your very own. Through Estate Furs, that marvelous fur coat is now just a click away.

Add some glamor to any look with fashionable classic fur items that never go out of style. All of our fur coats, jackets and accessories are sold by local furriers in your community. When you find an item that you love, just click on it to contact the vendor if you have any questions. 

Each one has been inspected, professionally appraised, repaired and conditioned as needed to make it look and feel like new. All our vendors will ship anywhere in the US or Canada.

What's more, our vendors are all expert furriers. They can guarantee the quality and fit of your purchase, and in case alterations are needed, the vendors can also provide you with the necessary services. 

Fashionable and Functional

Fur is not only fashionable but is also practical, keeping you warm on a cold winter night out on the town, while making you look fabulous at the same time! Fur coats and accessories aren't just for women either! Men can also wear them for a cool and hip look that is sure to grab anyone's attention.

Browse our site and find the fur of your dreams. Some items may be out of stock or be sold out soon since each one is unique and quantity is only one. Grab yours now!