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Fur Coats for Women


If you are looking for fur coats for women at an affordable price, then you have found the right place! Estate Furs is the number one online source of high quality, professionally appraised estate furs and pre-owned fur coats. Based in Carmel, Indiana, Estate Furs sells used furs, leathers, shearlings and more all around the world.

When we say affordable, we mean that we provide our customers with incredible furs for a fraction of the price of retail. Our items are often 90% off retail! With thousands of products in stock and available through our vendors, you are sure to find a fur coat that is just perfect for you.

Dream No More

There is nothing more comfortable and luxurious than a fur coat. Owning fur coat for women is a dream for many. Now with us as your online source for fur coats, that dream can become a reality with just the click of a mouse.

You will find furs here of every description and price. There is something for everyone on our site. Regardless if you are looking for something stylish to keep you warm but isn't too dear, a rare sable coat to add to your collection as an investment, or just love beautiful exquisite furs, we have what you're looking for!

A Wide Selection of Fur Coats

When people talk about fur coats for women, they often think, "Mink". However, there is a wide variety of furs, and each has its own special charm and qualities available on Estate Furs. With our huge selection of products, there is just about every kind of fur to meet your fancy.

Explore our site and you will find items made from a long list of fur types including but not limited to:

We also have a large collection of Shearling coats. This natural lambskin is worn with the fur on the inside and the suede leather side is worn on the outside. The designs are sporty and attractive and go well with a casual lifestyle.

Check out our site and find the fur coat you have always wanted. Since each item is unique, some items may be out of stock or soon be sold. So you better purchase yours now!